Matava Wins Fiji Excellence in Tourism Award

Matava Resort including Mad Fish Dive Centre is proud to be announced as a winner at the AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards in the category ‘Sustainability’ as a result of our policies on sustainability and the environment. The 18th annual AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards celebrates the outstanding performance of those who have made exceptional contributions to the Fiji tourism industry in 2014.

The Sustainability Award recognizes efforts to preserve the environment & local communities for the benefits of locals & visitors alike in developing & fostering both environmental & national conservation. It also assesses efforts to support cultural initiatives and promote public awareness and education in support of “Fiji Made” products by reducing their carbon footprint.

“We are extremely proud to win this award. We have been fortunate to win overseas and global awards for our environmental policies, but it is especially gratifying to be recognized at home by our colleagues in Fiji.” said Jean Mailliard, one of Matava Resort’s Directors.

Richard Akhtar, Managing Director of Matava – Fiji’s Premier Eco Adventure Resort said “At Matava, we are of course both happy and proud to receive this prestigious award. We find it even more encouraging that the industry, by rewarding environmental efforts, chooses to take a stand for the future of the environment we depend on.

Matava wins Award

The awards which have been in existence for 17 years, honor those who have made a significant input to Fiji’s most important industry. The prestigious awards are given to individuals, groups and companies in a broad range of categories; covering accommodation, restaurant and dining, tours and transportation, environmental and local sustainability. Winners were chosen as part of a nomination process which began late last year and closed in January. Recipients of the various awards have proven dedication, active participation and innovation in their fields of specialty, and have thus merited the esteem of the industry. Over the years, the AON Excellence in Tourism Awards has grown in prestige and now not only bestows recognition but serves as an incentive for individuals and companies to aspire to greatness in the sector.